nieuw boek

nieuw lindahughes
Linda Hughes

nieuw lore langendries
Lore Langendries

nieuw noon passama
Noon Passama

nieuw thanh truc nguyen
Thanh-Truc Nguyen

nieuw urmas luus
Urmas Lüüs






From June 23 until October 6, 2019 on show in the CODA Museum Apeldoorn: ‘She wants to go to her bedroom but she can’t be bothered’ A retrospective of Lisa Walker with highlights from her work in the past 30 years.

To have and to hold: The Daalder Collection of Contemporary Jewellery
A beautiful book with interesting essays. About a private jewellery collection, donated in 2017 to the Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide.
Text in English.
For sale in Ra for € 27.

New work in the Ra collection by:
Linda Hughes, brooch, laminate
Lore Langendries, Facet brooch, laminate
Urmas Lüüs, heart/cross brooch, recycled enamelled pot
Noon Passama, Extra Button Brooches edition 2018, silver and copper plated with 18 K gold/platinum/ruthenium
Thanh-Truc Nguyen, brooch, steelmesh, silver, paint


Exhibition 31.08.19 – 05.10.19

opening 31aug2019 1
Frieda Doerfer

opening 31aug2019 4
Katrin Feulner

opening 31aug2019 3

Elwy Schutten