nieuw boek

nieuw lindahughes
Linda Hughes

nieuw lore langendries
Lore Langendries

nieuw noon passama
Noon Passama

nieuw thanh truc nguyen
Thanh-Truc Nguyen

nieuw urmas luus
Urmas Lüüs






From June 23 until October 6, 2019 on show in the CODA Museum Apeldoorn: ‘She wants to go to her bedroom but she can’t be bothered’ A retrospective of Lisa Walker with highlights from her work in the past 30 years.The exhibition in the CODA Museum will be openend on Sunday, June 23.

To have and to hold: The Daalder Collection of Contemporary Jewellery
A beautiful book with interesting essays. About a private jewellery collection, donated in 2017 to the Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide.
Text in English.
For sale in Ra for € 27.

New work in the Ra collection by:
Linda Hughes, brooch, laminate
Lore Langendries, Facet brooch, laminate
Urmas Lüüs, heart/cross brooch, recycled enamelled pot
Noon Passama, Extra Button Brooches edition 2018, silver and copper plated with 18 K gold/platinum/ruthenium
Thanh-Truc Nguyen, brooch, steelmesh, silver, paint


Exhibition 29.06.19 – 02.08.19

opening 29juni2019 6
Peter Bauhuis

opening 29juni2019 3
Manon van Kouswijk

opening 29juni2019 4