Gésine Hackenberg, <em>Tumbling</em>, brooch, 2018, blown glass, silver, remanium
Gésine Hackenberg, Tumbling, brooch, 2018, blown glass, silver, remanium

Gésine Hackenberg, <em>Tumbling</em>, brooch, 2018, blown glass, silver, remanium
Gésine Hackenberg, <em>Drawing</em>, brooch, 2017, silver, remanium
Katja Turpeinen, <em>Musical Textures,</em> pendant, 2018, acrylic, silver
Katja Turpeinen, <em>Musical Textures</em>, pendant, 2018, acrylic, silver

Gésine Hackenberg
Falter not fall

When life suddenly falters, new energy gets released. This experience inspired Gésine Hackenberg to making jewellery that explores the perception of repetitive circular movements. The Tumbling-brooches depict the dynamics of tumbling and spinning. Rims and rings of subtly tinted glass are arranged in spatial rhythms. The play of different hues seems to enhance the movement in time and space. The wearer becomes part of the delicate moment between falling and breaking or finding balance.
The Drawing-necklaces and -brooches want to catch the dynamics of movement in three-dimensional drawings. A single black metal line becomes an expressive gesture. Sometimes it whirls with the energy of a pot on a potter’s wheel. When worn, the lines come to life. Falter not fall is consistent with Gésine’s aim to change the ordinary into something that can symbolise personal feelings.

Katja Turpeinen
Musical Textures 

Music is universal. It crosses borders and is not affected by time. It ignores logical thinking, aiming straight for the heart of our emotions. Katja Turpeinen graduated in January 2018 at HAWK, University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim. In this collection of work Turpeinen connects the two passions in her life: jewellery and music – she has also been working as a DJ. 
The starting point for the project is a track called Save Me. She created a collection of playful, colourful pendants in acrylic glass, using the laser-engraving technique to make the different patterns that she found after analyzing the digitally produced composition and categorizing it according to the cornerstones of musical arrangement – melody, harmony, rhythm and bass.